The Dodge Grand Caravan has Interior Features to Please Every Family

You must determine what it is that your family needs in the interior of the vehicle that you use to get about in Decatur. The Dodge Grand Caravan is a popular minivan that many families choose and it has great features in its interior.

If you have family members who like to use the lights of your vehicle to see when darkness falls around you...

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Explore the New Performance Features of the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Whether you regularly drive off-road or need a vehicle that has the power to keep up on pavement, the Jeep Grand Cherokee can accept any challenge you throw at it. From towing up to 7,200 pounds to covering a quarter mile in 11.6 seconds, there's nothing this SUV can't do.

Not only can the Cherokee accelerate quickly, it can stop on a dime as well. 

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Safety Features of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is a classic American SUV. It's known for its ruggedness and resemblance to the Jeeps used during WWII. The 2018 model may have a legacy look, but it's totally up to date when it comes to safety features.

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler is designed to withstand impact. Steel beams are used to reinforce the vehicle's structure, particularly along the sides. A full array of front and side airbags is also included. 

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Save on Gas with the Fuel-Efficient Dodge Challenger

Most people know the popular Dodge Challenger muscle car for its powerful performance and menacing appearance. However, it's also a fuel-efficient vehicle.

The Dodge Challenger boasts an available 5.7-liter V-8 HEMI engine that produces 375 horsepower. This engine uses Fuel Saver Technology, which automatically turns off four cylinders when it's not necessary to use all eight cylinders. Designed to conserve gas, this useful feature helps the engine function more efficiently in situations where you don't need access to the engine's full capabilities.

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Off-road with the Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee continues the brand’s tradition of taking your trips off the beaten path. Its grown into a popular compact SUV with models like the Trailhawk that has earned its Trail Rated badge

If you need to cross a stream in the Trailhawk model, the Cherokee has extra sealing applied to protect the electrical and body. This allows you to ford water up to 19 inches in depth.

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Signs That You Need to Have Your Fuel System Serviced

When filling up your gas tank, you probably don't think about your fuel system. The fuel pump moves the fuel from the tank to the engine. If it isn't working right, your engine's performance will suffer. Keep an eye out for these signs of a faulty fuel system.

A bad fuel system means that your engine isn't getting the right amount of fuel. 

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Analyzing the New Jeep Compass Capability Features

There's a number of features of the new Jeep Compass that make it a popular compact SUV for auto enthusiasts. Check out a few of these capability features for yourself.

The new Jeep Compass has traction management, a system that allows the driver to go from one of five different off-road modes instantly. These driver settings coordinate with the throttle, transmission shifting, pedal response, and transfer case.

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Why Is My Tire Pressure Light On?

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is a critical part of keeping your vehicle safe on the road. It decreases wear and tear on tires and increases fuel mileage. Most later model cars have tire pressure lights. What does it mean when yours starts to glow?

It could mean you need to add air to your tires. Or it could simply be a natural variation in tire pressure caused by the outside temperature. 

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