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Prevent a Major Repair

If you get a tire pressure light comes on in your vehicle, you will want to get it checked out right away. It could just mean that you need to top up the air in one or more of your tires or it could mean that you have a leak somewhere. Don't wait until you get a flat tire, get it taken care of right away. That is the whole point of having warning lights on your vehicle. They will help you to prevent breakdowns and bigger problems by warning you ahead of time.

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Get Your Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Checkup Today

The benefits of getting your vehicle serviced seasonally are numerous. Here are a few of the things the team at Klement Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will perform when you bring in your vehicle for a seasonal maintenance check-up. Keep these in mind throughout the year, and you'll be able to guarantee the long-term success of your vehicle!

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

— Scamper smith (@ScamperSmith) October 4, 2017
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Are You Giving Your Brakes the Proper Attention?

Although driver assist technology is very beneficial, your brakes are probably one of the most important safety features on your car. When the brakes on your car begin to fail, they can cause all sorts of problems. Most car owners realize this, but a sizable portion of owners fail to maintain this vital system. You should have your brakes checked each year or every 12,000 miles. Bad brakes can cause many

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How to Remove a Sticker from your Vehicle

Stickers on cars and trucks can symbolize just about anything under the sun. They can show support for a certain political candidate, identify you as a proud parent of an honor student or the fact that you just love that one special dog breed. Others are required by local laws, like city stickers.

But political campaigns and straight A's end at some point, and those city stickers need to be replaced every year. While removing stickers isn't as easy as putting them on, we have some advice that should make the job a little less sticky.

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