Touching up your vehicle yourself is a great way to keep the body looking like new without breaking the bank. Touch up paint is much easier to use than many people imagine. The most important thing to remember is to get the same color paint as what’s on the car. If you look on the firewall of your car, you will find the color name and code you need. If you have more questions, stop at Klement Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM in Decatur, TX, and allow us to help you.

Make sure you wash the vehicle first to get rid of any loose dirt or rust. Sand off any sharp edges or rusty spots with No. 220 sandpaper. When it’s smooth, wipe off the dust, wash the area, and let it dry thoroughly. Once it’s dry, you will need to put on the primer. Once that’s dry, you can apply the paint a little at a time. Using a very tiny brush, go from the outer edge and work inward. Giving the vehicle a wash and wax after a couple of days will give the paint a better appearance.

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