Engine Overheating Concerns

When you engine overheats you will notice one or more issues occurring such as an alarm going off on your dashboard, smoke or steam coming out of your engine, a bubbling sound coming from your engine or even an unusual smell coming from your engine. There are a number of reasons these issues could be occurring and you should take your vehicle to a trusted service center like ours here at Klement Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM so your vehicle can be looked at before something serious and permanent occurs.

Some common reasons that your engine could be overheating includes:

  • Low coolant levels inside of your engine that causes the overheating or causes air bubbles to form inside of the engine and this results in overheating.
  • The thermostat in the vehicle that helps regulate temperature could be damaged or stuck closed.
  • The cooling system that helps regulate temperature could have a leak in it somewhere.
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