The Difference Between Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles handle differently than one another. With a rear-wheel drive, the car is being pushed by the back wheels. With front-wheel drive, the car is being pulled. When you hit an icy patch or try to go around a turn quickly. you'll need to know how to handle your car safely.

Front-wheel drive vehicles continue to move forward when losing control around a turn. Speeding up the vehicle slightly will straighten it out. With a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the tail end of the car will move with the direction of turn. Gaining control requires slowing down the vehicle by taking your foot off the gas.

Front-wheel drive vehicles are generally safer to drive and more economical. Rear-wheel drive is still used for race cars, as drivers prefer the way rear-wheel drive handles.

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