Analyzing the New Jeep Compass Capability Features

There's a number of features of the new Jeep Compass that make it a popular compact SUV for auto enthusiasts. Check out a few of these capability features for yourself.

The new Jeep Compass has traction management, a system that allows the driver to go from one of five different off-road modes instantly. These driver settings coordinate with the throttle, transmission shifting, pedal response, and transfer case.

Regardless of the weather conditions, the new Jeep Compass moves effortlessly down the highway. Wipers have a de-icer feature that quickly can clear your field of vision. Going off-road, your new Jeep Compass has auto mode feature which senses if the road needs more traction. When raining, the windshield wipers have a rain-sensing feature and outside mirrors which heat up to keep them fog-free.

Visit Klement Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and test drive the all-new Jeep Compass so you can see a few of these capability features.

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